Finger Cutter (2pcs)
Finger Cutter (2pcs)
Finger Cutter (2pcs)
Finger Cutter (2pcs)
Finger Cutter (2pcs)
Finger Cutter (2pcs)
Finger Cutter (2pcs)

Finger Cutter (2pcs)

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Cut Anything With One Finger!

Inspired by a thimble, this Finger Cutter cut paper and any packaging with just one finger! Easy to wear on the fingertip and simply cut open with a swipe of your finger using the  small ceramic blade

This special tiny cutting tool is made with high-quality silicone rubber which is expandable and fit any sized finger. Just pop it in your finger and cut! 


  • One finger cutter - Features a tiny cutting tool that uses only one finger to cut through paper and packaging easily and safely. 
  • Easy to use - Just place your finger in the cutter and slice through the material with its sharp ceramic blade at the tip. 
  • Prevents injury - Even with its sharp blade, it’s tucked into the comfortable thimble-shaped cutter. 
  • Adjustable fit - Made of high-quality durable silicone rubber, it has an expandable size to fit any finger with ease. 
  • Widely used - Perfect for cutting wrapping paper, news clippings, envelopes, parcels, plastic items, sticky tape, and more. 
  • Great for all - Safe for children to use, and appreciated by anyone with a weak grip. Perfect for home or office. 


  • Material: ABS + Silicone rubber
  • Color: Yellow
  • Size: 5cm

Product Includes

  • 2 x Finger Cutter